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"The Great Commission of Clear Creek Missionary Baptist Church is preaching, teaching, and reaching lost souls for Christ based on Matthew 28:19-20".

The History of Clear Creek Missionary Baptist Church Founded 1877

And she brought forth her first born son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn”. Luke 2:7. This verse represented a humble beginning for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Clear Creek Missionary Baptist Church had humble beginnings. For many years some members of the black community listened to worship services from the balcony of the white Clear Creek Baptist Church. In 1877, one acre of land was donated to C. W. Fox, J. Cannon and Hudson Longstreet, by H. R. Branham and wife, L. E. Branham for a building site for a Colored Baptist Church as stated in the Warranty Deed. After 1877, worship services on the donated land were conducted under a structure called a Bush Arbor. This is a structure that consisted of poles placed vertically in the ground on four corners and poles were laid horizontally to connect the vertical poles. After this operation had been completed, tree branches were places across the horizontal poles to form a crude roof.

You can see that this type of structure had seasonal limits. It was, therefore, necessary to construct a more permanent structure. This constructive effort is reported to have been completed in the 1800’s. This building was used until 1938. At this time this structure was dismantled and a new building was constructed. This structure was used until it burned in the spring of 1969. The present building was then erected, exclusive of the south wing that was added in 1978 and 1990. Church buildings are important in that they provide a place for worship services. The first pastor for this church is reported to have been Rev. Parson Cannon. Additional pastors for the church were Rev. R. G. Gooden, Rev. Israel Taylor, Rev. Armstead Williams‐1901, Rev. McGee, Rev. Miles Lee‐1915‐1921, Rev. E. G. Hall‐1923‐ 1932, Rev. Stephen Patton, Rev. J. R. Mosby‐1933‐1941, Rev. William McEwen, Rev. Donagin‐1946, Rev. M. A. Morrow‐ 1943‐1945, Rev. Philip Gettys‐1946‐1949, Rev. R. Taylor‐1951‐1952, Rev. J. C. Knox‐1955‐1958, Rev. Thomas, Rev. G. A. McClinton‐1960‐1971, Rev. Grady McKinney‐1971‐1991, Rev. Melvin B. Lewis‐1992‐1997, Rev. Keith Ireland, Rev. Nathaniel Frierson, Interim, Rev. Eddie D. Goliday, Sr., May, 1998‐present.

Part of the congregation that the pastor of this church lead were the Board of Officers. Some of the Deacons to serve in Clear Creek Missionary Baptist Church were Bro. G. W. Fox, 1877, Bro. Cannon, 1877 and Hudson Longstreet, 1877. These officers were joined or followed by Bro. Mart Mullins, Bro. Milton Gater, Bro. George Campbell, Bro. Buster King, Bro. Bill Fox, Bro Charlie Campbell, Bro. Collins Patton, Bro. G. W. Sweeney, Bro. William Cook, Bro. Monroe Patton, Bro. Earnest McEwen, Bro. Russell Burt, Bro. Robert Jones, Bro. Larry Patton, Bro. Robert Thompson,Bro. Earnest Orange, Bro. Willie Campbell, Bro. Murray Patton, Bro. George Price, Bro. Edward Norphlet, Bro. William “Chuck” Carothers, Bro. Levan Wadlington, Bro. Lee Earl Robinson, Bro. Willie Paine, Jr., Bro. J. C. Oatis, Sr., Bro. Marcus Robinson, Bro. Derek Horne, Bro. Sam Jones, Bro. Terrance Black, and Bro. Marcus Johnson. The present board members are, Bro. Leroy Thompson, Bro. Matthew Simmons, Emeritus, Bro. AJ Burt Hairston, Emeritus, Bro. Jarvie Holman, Bro. Frank Orange, Bro. Angelo Williams, Bro. Allen Cook, Bro. Marcus Johnson, and Bro. Willie McGee.

There have been some notable members who have worked with the pastors and deacons of this church also. Some of the members who lived to be over 100 years of age were Sis. Mary Penamon, Bro. Clayborn Smith and Bro. Charlie Campbell. Some pastors and ministers who are and were members of this church were Rev. R. B. Cook, former Evangelist, Rev. N. C. Cook, former Evangelist, Rev. S. Patton, former pastor and evangelist, Rev. Cassie Bonner, Sr., Rev. Booker T. Campbell, Rev. Dr. LeRoy Wadlington, Rev. J. W. Hewlett, Rev. Kevin Jones, Rev. Christopher Holland, Rev. Kenneth Bonner, Rev. Walter Campbell, Rev. Keith Ireland, Rev. Gerry Pomerlee, Rev. Bobby Shegogg, Rev. C. J. Rhodes, Rev. Lee Earl Robinson, Rev. Michael McField, Rev. Willie Paine, Jr., Rev. Willie Redmond, Jr., Rev. Thomas Rogers, Rev. Charles Mullins, Rev. Waldoxey Lynch, Rev. Larry Horton, Rev. Ederic Kerney and Rev. Julius C. Oatis, Jr., Rev. Jeffrey Owens, Rev. Tony Armstrong, Rev. Lamont Watkins, Ministers Emma Smith, Sallie Moore, JoAnn Holman, Dr. Joyce A. Martin, DeLeah Gilliom and Dessie Kay Fox.

In the late 1800s, Harrisonville Missionary Baptist Church of Christ, as it was originally named, and Burt Chapel were started by former members of Clear Creek. Burt Chapel is no longer active but Harrisonville Missionary Baptist Church is still a strong church in this community.

An additional 1/3 acre of land was donated to this church in 1948 by Bro. P. A. Waller and wife and additional acreage was purchased later from the Waller family. The church became Clear Creek Missionary Baptist, Inc. in 1994 under the administration of Rev. Melvin B. Lewis.

The congregation continued to grow under the leadership of Rev. Eddie D. Goliday, Sr., and a new sanctuary was erected in 2002 and additional land and easements was donated by the Waller Family.

We, at Clear Creek Missionary Baptist Church have been truly blessed since our humble beginnings in the 1800’s. (Complied by: Bro. Henry Simmons, Sis. Eulastine Thompson, Sis. Hattie Simmons, Bro. Sam Jones)