Teach what is appropriate to sound doctrine.

Titus 1:1

Classes present an opportunity to hear from our leadership and engage in topics that helps us grow as believers.  Whether it is a bible study or a financial planning class, these times are made with you in mind.  A believer that is growing and being discipled is a place the Holy Spirit is at work.  We want to help you get to a place you feel comfortable asking the Holy Spirit to guide and grow you.  



Sunday School Classes happen periodically through the year.  Look out for updates on the relaunch of those classes!

During the Week

New Members Classes are a typical addition to our classes.  Some meet on weekends, others during the week, but all are scheduled with you in mind.

Why Classes Are For You Too


Classes are designed with you in mind to meet your needs.  Whether it's financial classes, Sunday School, or a membership class, join with other adults and grow together.


Our leaders make sure to bring you lessons in class that are age appropriate, full of fun, all while learning more about God and strengthening your walk. 


You are still growing in your faith and doing so alongside others benefits the generations of believers.  Grow and help bring along the next generation.


You are finally making your world view your own.  Joining a class with people of all ages will help you see the world as Jesus does.

Bible Studies

Bible studies is exactly how it sounds. Our teachers will lead you through scripture and open up times for discussion that helps gauge perspective and understanding.  Bring your experience and engage the bible with others.

Sunday School

Sunday School classes are designed with a curriculum to follow.  Being led by these great curriculums help us all grow in specific areas and are open to all no matter the age.

Relational Classes

These classes are great dependent upon your current stage of life.  From Couples Groups, to Men, Women or College Groups, this is an opportunity to connect with others in the same stage of life.

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